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Residential Cleaning
  • Price ranges1 $1538Per Hour
  • Booking fee23$5One-Time
Residential cleaners can perform duties such as dusting, vacuuming, washing surfaces, mopping floors, polishing mirrors and fixtures. Some cleaners might also offer laundry service and interior windows washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

100% of what you pay them

All quotes provided on HelloBrando are completely commission free, therefore their prices are not inflated to make up for their cost like some of the other on-demand company.

Every sellers on our platform are independent / self-employed, or have their own small business. Once selected they are to be hired by you, and it is our job to help introduce and connect you to one another.

You are always in a direct relationship with your cleaner, so what you agreed to pay them will always be what they make.

Directly with your cleaner

We do not interfere or facilitate with payment transactions between you and your cleaner.

This way it will give you the flexibility to choose whichever payment methods you are comfortable with, and it will also saves both you and your cleaner from high processing and transaction fees from the online payment processor.

Whoever you choose

Depending on location and your preferences, different cleaners may be available. You can view their profiles, reviews, and quotes and book with whoever you'd like to become your new cleaner.

Every cleaner has been ID verified, interviewed, reference checked, and oriented.

Directly with your cleaner or contact us

Once connected, you will be provided with your cleaner's contact information. While we encourage both parties to directly contact one another, we also understand that sometimes canceling and rescheduling your initial appointment can be awkward, and we are here to help if you need us.

Please note: Booking fee is only refundable if cancel within 48 hours after a quote is accepted.

HelloBrando is your LifeStyle Concierge

First and foremost, we are not a cleaning business.

What we do is that we find great independent sellers and small businesses that can help with your busy lifestyle, and we connect them to new customers like you.

Our platform allows you to easily connect with local cleaner and cleaning business. Once connected, you and your cleaner have complete control of your relationship - meaning you can engage one another for any future appointments without going through our platform.

We are the quickest and easiest way to find a local, reliable, trustworthy cleaner who can give you the personal care and customization you want, and without the restrictions, high fees, and hidden cost like other on-demand service company.

Are you a cleaner?

Are you a cleaner or a cleaning business looking for new customer? You can learn more about program and see it is right for you.

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